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5 Ballistic Safety Tips for Private Investigators

By Chris Taylor

5 Ballistic Safety Tips for Private Investigators

Private investigators enter the field from various backgrounds. Many have a history with the police, or with the military – time spent in such challenging sectors can certainly help prepare them for the range of risks they may encounter from time to time. While most of us might have a specific idea of how PI’s work, there’s a high likelihood that such ideas are pulled from novels, films, and television shows – the reality of an investigative career may be very different. With the internet now opening up countless channels of information and public records, a lot of an investigator’s time may be spent at a computer, checking or collating facts. Depending on the specifics of their current case, however, they may be required to interview people or perform surveillance on individuals as they go about their business.

Interacting with others may be where the potential for danger lies. While PI’s need training and licensing in most states to operate, in certain others, this is not the case, meaning untrained individuals may enter situations without knowing how to handle them best – possibly leading to trouble. Even for fully-trained, fully-licensed investigators, some encounters may lead to hostility, and you’ll need to …read more

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